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Mark Roques on Christian Philosophy: a Systematic and Narrative Introduction (Wednesday 23rd January 2019 8:15pm)

Thanks Richard for this overview of this very helpful and insightful introduction to Christian Philosophy. I really enjoyed the book!

Richard Gunton on Transformation of Work (Tuesday 15th January 2019 2:04pm)

Hello Mark - D and I enjoyed this piece. And I'm delighted to hear that it's being used in Encounter With God.

As a botanist, I do have one complaint, though. Pineapples don't grow on trees! Or maybe they did in Eden...

Charles Stohmer on Transformation of Work (Tuesday 15th January 2019 2:04am)

Enjoyed reading your article, Mark. I'm sure it will inspire. Keep up your good work. Charles

Darrell Anderson on Frank Sinatra on Christian Faith (Sunday 13th January 2019 10:55pm)

Frank Sinatra was never born-again. He was an agnostic, like so many millions of non-believers. God was not central in his life. Booze was, and money. He did not believe Jesus was/is God. Welcome to hell, Frank!! He's 'singing' in the 'heavenly choir?' Are you kidding me??

Richard Gunton on Home Came for Christmas (Tuesday 8th January 2019 12:01pm)

Thanks for this inspiring piece, Georgina.

I was reflecting on the topic during Christmas services and thinking that we tend to miss the opportunity to build on the significance of the Incarnation once we've burned a few inches of the Advent candles, sung some cheery carols and put away the nativity props for another year.

Tim E on Review: Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians (Wednesday 2nd January 2019 9:52pm)

This post is so beautiful. There are many misconceptions about the brutal lifestyle sof medieval people but the truth is most of them were true Christians that showed love for their neighbor. We cannot possibly overestimate how important the Church was to everyday medieval people. I did a lot of research of the Holy League [link removed] . The Holy League defended Christendom against external threats and I am so grateful for such things as this for our Christian values may have been lost without them.

Steve Bishop on Parable of Touch Wood (Wednesday 2nd January 2019 12:32pm)

Nice one mate - great stuff

Rev Scott on On Horses and Victory: Proverbs 21:31 (Wednesday 12th September 2018 9:27am)


David Hanson on Forays into finance (Tuesday 11th September 2018 8:56pm)

This is a fine post, Richard. "(C)ross-disciplinary insights that go beyond metaphors" is precisely what Dooyeweerd's systematic undergirds. Most folk who've heard of him understand a sort of check-list (his modal scale of aspects of existence and experience from the numerical to the fiduciary) that can protect the thinker or planner from egregious omissions).

Bruce Gulland on August Francke and his Christian vision for a German city (Tuesday 4th September 2018 4:44pm)